Wonderful! Making it to this page means a lot to me and I hope it will mean a lot to you.

As with most things, there are a few ways for you to schedule an appointment with me. Here are 3 such ways:

  1. Call (919) 361-0104 and speak to the good folks at InsideOut Body Therapies. They will be happy to find a time that works for you. Who knows, you may be interested in some of the other services available (acupuncture, personal traning, PT, pilates, or yoga)?
  2. You can email me and we can work together to find a time that works for both of us.
  3. Many people like the final option. You can go to MindBody Online, create an account (unless you have previously created one with them), log-in to your account, select the Appointments tab and choose an available time on the calendar.